I am your complete pest management specialist

A retired teacher/Do-it-yourselfer turned professional exterminator and handyman.

Hours and Area

Office hours
9-5 Mon-Fri.

Service calls
Mon 9:30-7:30
Tue 9:30-4:30
Wed 9:30-1:30
Thur 9:30-4:30
Fri. 9:30-4:30
Sat. 2:00-5:00
Sun None

Zones and minimum charges:
All calls have $49 minimum charge for service except when noted.

Zone 1  
no additional trip charge.

The Olentangy River to Maize Rd,
Hudson St. to Morse Rd.
See m​ap >

Zone 2
trip charge.$10
Rte. 33 to Cleveland Ave.,
Goodale St  to N. outerbelt

Zone 3
trip charge. $20 
W. outer belt to E. outer belt,
104/Frank/Refugee Rd to Powell Rd

Zone 4 
trip charge of $2 per mile

from  green marker

Who is Cime-X?

Right now - I am Cime-X:  Brue Hoyt

In 2016, I began Cime-X to help people with pest problems.

I was born and raised in Ohio.

I entered the Army Reserves as a Medic,  and attended OSU

I was called for Active Duty for Desert Storm, and  was promoted to the rank of seargent.

I graduated from OSU with a BA in French, and went to graduate school at Ashland University and received my Early Childhood Education teaching certification.

I taught elementary school for 20 years, and raised my 2 girls.  I have been married for >20 years.  I am an active volunteer in my community.

Besides teaching, I have held many odd jobs throughout the years including apartment refurbishing, home repair and remodleing, auto service, selling cars, coaching, swiming instructor and managing a pizza place.
When I was young, I couldn't afford repairs so I learned to fix my  belongings.  So I fixed bikes, furniture, electronics and toys.  As an adult I needed to and wanted to fix my house and car, so I learned how to do it myself.

In my third home now, I still do my own repairs.  I enjoy learning to fix things.  I take every new repair as a challenge.  I did it myself  because it is satisfying in addition to cost saving.
I surrounded myself with people who could teach me, I researched books (now days books and on-line), and I made a point of  doing repairs properly.
Why I chose to be an exterminator:

I brought bed bugs into my home in 2012.  
The financial cost was only part of it. 
It was a traumitizing experience for my family.   My wife wanted to start a business that filled the need to eradicate these pests AND help people get through the emotional trial.  As I embarked to become licensed, I expanded my goal to include multiple pests.  In 2016 I left my teaching career behind and began my Exterminator business.