Jobs done well, courteously, and professionaly

  • RECURRING PEST CONTROL SERVICE for Ants, Roaches, Mice, and other household pests.  3 times per year $89/visit* PLUS discounts on all other services.

  • Inspection and cosultation for prevention and treatment of multiple pests and potential problems.
  • Specializing in residential properties (owner occupied and rental)

Pest Control

Household Pest Remediation

Bed Bugs

I'll help reduce or eliminate pests and help you move forward.

I will completely eradicate Bed Bugs

Ants, Cockroaches, Mice and certain other household pests.

I will assess why pests are present.  I will correctly identify the species of pest, and design a pest management plan specifically designed ot address your needs.  I will also give you guidance to help reduce the risk of prolonged infestation or the return of pests.

I use heat treatment along with other measures to eliminate Bed Bugs. 
I will not pull up in a truck labeled Bed Bugs.  
Your pest issues are kept private.
I will even help your prep and restart life if you need it.

Wood Destroying Insects

Turf and Flying Yard Pests

Licensed to inspect real estate and exterminate.

I can help prevent pests in your yard

​I can help you find and identify pests.  
Then I can help you get rid of them and keep them from returning.

I can also help you repair damage done to the home.

Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees
Treating in the spring and fall makes your yard much more enjoyable.

If turf pests have already damaged the yard, I can repair ​damage.

Grubs, Chinch Bugs, BIllbugs
​Flies, Mosquitoes and more
Rates subject to change.  All services are subject to Ohio Sales tax.  Trip charges may apply.

Inspection, consultation, and service estimate only FREE†   
Includes all pests.  Recommendations provided for resident to prevent and remediate. Excludes Real Estate WDI inspection.

General household pests remediation 
Includes roaches, mice, ants, and other indoor pests in a home.  Flies and Mosquitos inside the home are included.  Exterior perimeter is included.  Each visit includes remediation, consultation and preventative measures of household pests.  Treatment or remediation of Bats and other Mammals, Bed Bugs, Wood Destroying Insects and outdoor pests are NOT included. Unconnected structures are not included.

    • Recurring prevention and remediation.  $89/visit* 
      • Contract customers receive a 10% discount on all other work such as Bed Bugs, Yard pests, Trmites and repairs.
      • 3 visits per year (Paid one visit in advance.)
    • One time preventative maintenance or remediation  $109* 
      • Repeat customers receive a 5% discount on services.

    Wood destroying Insects.

    • Wood destroying Insect inspection $89*
      Wood destroying insects  for real estate sale NPMA-33 form .  Includes accessible areas of home and attached structures other than fences

    • Termites and other wood destroying insects treatment, $49/hr* and materials.  

    Bed Bugs $1/sq ft* plus materials if required.  $400 minimum.

    • Bed bugs and total interior pests eradication using heat treatment  
    • Bed Bugs treated without heat $99 plus materials - this will reduce not eradicate them.  

    Turf Pests and Flying insects outdoors $99/visit*

    • Inspection, prevention and treatment included.
    • Wasp, yellow jacket nest removal not included.
    • Structural damage from pests repaired $49/hr. plus materials.
    • Yard repair and beautification $49/hr plus materials.

    Home repair $49 per hour plus materials.  Estimate of time and materials provided.
    Handy man services primarily for the purpose of pest management.
    • interior paint
    • wall repair
    • toilet, faucet leaks
    • outlets and lights repair, remove, install
    • yard maintenece
    • many other odd jobs -just ask
    ​The following services only for purposes of remediation from pests
    • soil grading and weed removal
    • turf recovery
    • water and pest damage repairs to structures
    • downspouts, gutters, and drainage repair
    • sealing exterior water access and pest entry ways
    • other jobs related to pest control and remediation

    Trip charges by zone.
    Zone 1 Clintonville $0, Zone 2 $10, Zone 3 $20
    (see Hours and Area page for zones)​.  

    *All prices under normal conditions.  Visits may have additional charges if visit requires more than typical labor and/or materials or additional visits.  Prices are for Homes up to 2000 sq. ft. on up to 0.25 acres.

    Trip charge extra.  Return trips within one year incur an hourly rate.